Friday 30 July 2021

Investigator Wanted


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Investigator wanted! To look into the unexplained and mysterious. Self defence ability or a mind open to challenging interpretations a must…

So. I am looking at starting up a new campaign group to run through whatever campaigns take our fancy. We will probably start with Night of the Zealot as a test campaign and then move on. A single extra person is needed to make a group of three (four is fine though if multiples want in) and unless local, which is admittedly unlikely, play will be through the free browser voice app 'Whereby'. Since this method of play requires only one player to 'run' the acts/agendas/locations it is not strictly necessary for a player to possess all the relevant scenario packs.

The group is to play in one of the following slots UK time (so currently BST)

Tuesday evening around 7pm-9pm
Friday evening around 7pm-9pm
Saturday afternoon to evening  so anytime between 3pm-9pm

From weekly to biweekly again dependant on player preference. Hopefully to clear a scenario a session though that might not always be possible.


-Internet/phone connection good enough to handle voice

-The player to have enough cards to build their own investigator deck

-A player who understands the Cthulhu mythos is all about potentially cracking eggs to resolve the mystery successfully- and that in some cases that egg is the investigators own head.  I have played with 'my investigator never does anything unless they have a 95% chance of success' and it makes succeeding soooo much harder. Especially if that player happens to be playing the Guardian. 

That's it! Anyway please get in touch if interested or if any questions leap to mind.

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