Saturday 18 August 2018

The Path to Carcosa - Curtain Call

Dear Sister,
Had a rich girl in the bar today. Looked out of place amongst the fry ups in all her finery but she was game and tipped well. She was having a laugh with me, well all the staff really and persuaded to join me at a performance of that new play being shown. You always say I should put myself out there more so perhaps this is that. She has a sister too from the sounds of it but she went sad when asked about it.
Who knows what goes on in the head of the rich - the play though sounds pretentious crap and exactly  the sort of things the la di da's do... It will be opera next bluuurgh. She is paying though so I thought why not. Originally it looked like I was being asked as 'bait' for a good looking man but , to be frank, she is quite a looker herself and I felt quite dowdy next to her. Perils of a greasy apron I think. We are also being joined by another woman from the bar - you would remember her from your last stay. She was the little Asian woman you were convinced owned ten cats and talked to herself. She seems a little obsessed by this play..

Gratuitous startup shot

So back to a new campaign! Are group is a little weaker than before with no dedicated killer and though we have a Seeker Rex is so 'strong' everyone else suffers in comparison.

Dropping straight in to the lovely designed scenario 'Curtain Call' things started slowly. I spent most of the first turns squishing rats (one swarm from the encounter and two from the trap room, if I remember correctly). Minh started gathering clues and Jenny marched off in the other direction. It suddenly struck me that the group was showing remarkable similarities to another threesome.

I suppose that makes Agnes Dew Barrymore...

Anyway after a stroke of luck from the encounter deck we managed to flip the act just before the agenda and the Man in a Pale Mask turned up to be miserable in the Dressing Room. Minh was having none of it so charged over to tell him to get over himself which she did so efficiently he sodded off to sulk in the Lobby while the Theatre was suddenly faced with a disgusting mould invasion.

Minh has just dealt with the Man in the Pale Mask and the Emissary is about to appear.

In the meantime the valiant Agnes moved to the theatre tempting a clue heavy Servant of the King to jump off and come in search off. It did not go well for him as she had dealt with the rats with her shoes. For him she shrivelled his head. The Royal Emissary now showed up adding extra amusement for all. Jenny carried on clearing locations of clues while Agnes tried to implement project instant kill. I moved from the lobby to the theatre (taking one damage from an encounter card which allowed me to add a damage to the Emissary. I then waited for the end of turn attack and played 'Hypnotic Gaze' if I drew a special token then the Emissary would kill himself!.

The Emissary arrives.  On top of Minh

Unfortunately I did not so had to settle for an extra 'Agnes' damage from the extra horror for all at the end of the enemy phase. Next turn he was handily zapped and I moved back to the lobby taking 1 damage and horror from the ooze which allowed me to drop another damage on the Pale Mask. Jenny then ran in and shot him with a .45 pistol.

Look into my eyes? wont work with most men who will be wondering how she fitted in that dress. Distracted other ways perhaps.

We could have just resigned here but thought we would push things slightly. Jenny still had two turns and two 'Delve to Deep' in hand which she played to increase our xp by two. I would like to see it went swimmingly but the result popped the agenda again which resurrected the Royal Emissary (potentially costing us 2 xp) and led to poor Agnes having five physical damage and five mental and some random Whispers. Woops. No worries though as the Emissary is not that much of a fighter and Jenny blew it away.

As can be seen Agnes was pushing it in damage terms

Result! I love this scenario which is thematic and well written and fun to play through. We ended up with ten experience! and if it wasn't for a useful encounter card would have probably had a harder time with the Emissary. Roll on the next scenario..

Player of the Game

For once not an actual player but an encounter card. It was early in the scenario and Minh had a mere 3 clues. Jenny had 3. All three of us were in different locations. We needed 9 to roll the act and the agenda would pop at the end of the next turn. Two of the encounter decks were a 'Servant of the King; in Jenny's location and a Fanatic in mine (which handily moved a clue onto him).  Then came the magnificent 'The King's Edict' It moved a clue onto the Servant of the King and another clue onto the Fanatic. Though this pumped fight this meant less books more attack and the next turn I easily zapped the 5 strength fanatic to gain two clues and then luckily got the third. This allowed us to pop the act immediately and thus allowed Minh to deal with the Man in the Pale Mask before the agenda flipped. Sweet

Now half way through the game we also discovered that Craig was apparently a shape shifting demon. This was how he appeared in for a good five minutes.

And before anyone says anything Craig is bottom left...

Monster of the the Game

Has to be the Royal Emissary which has opera singer  undertones. Moves about has massive and hunter and does reasonable damage with an auto horror to all within one location range. Also has great art.  Shame it met a gun toting Jenny and  Agnes 'make me mentally distressed and you will feel it'  facing it..twice.   The Poltergeist met Minh a couple of times but she discussed thermal theory and how it could not really exist with it until chastened it ran away..

Magnificent job by FFG's art department and the artist 'MoonSkinned'

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